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    American Hotel Academy Embraces Futuristic Learning with Syntea

    Prepare for a paradigm shift in education as the American Hotel Academy unveils its collaboration with IU International University of Applied Sciences, introducing a groundbreaking AI-driven tutor known as Syntea.

    Syntea: Redefining Educational Dynamics

    Syntea, IU’s proprietary AI tutor, revolutionizes the learning landscape. It’s an innovative tool meticulously designed to integrate seamlessly into our curriculum. Embracing advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and large language models, Syntea carries students into an unprecedented realm of learning, fostering skill development and technological adeptness crucial for contemporary careers.

    The Role of AI Tutors

    An AI tutor, like Syntea, symbolizes a new era in education. Offering benefits such as precise exam preparation, instant feedback, personalized support, and access to a private tutor-like experience. AI tutors represent the future. However, it’s essential to emphasize that while these AI tools are invaluable, human instructors remain pivotal in guiding and validating the information provided.

    Syntea: Elevating Learning Experiences

    Syntea amplifies educational experiences, enhancing interactions with course materials:

    Customized Approach

    The PreAssessment feature tailors study plans based on individual knowledge and strengths.

    Unrestricted Access

    Enjoy the convenience of a 24/7 private tutor-like support system.

    Diverse Learning Styles

    Engage via Q&A sessions, quizzes, and soon, interactive dialogue.

    Key Features of Syntea


    Instantly seek course-related clarifications and directed learning pathways.


    Assess existing knowledge, receiving tailored guidance and study suggestions for continuous improvement.

    Utilizing cutting-edge AI tools and natural language models, Syntea’s PreAssessment employs video and audio elements to personalize your learning journey. It offers specific suggestions to strengthen and highlight areas that require attention as you progress through your coursework or prepare for exams.

    Completing the PreAssessment provides a comprehensive overview of correct and incorrect answers, guiding your subsequent study sessions. The AI tutor remembers your previous challenges, adapting to your evolving knowledge level. Comprising various question formats, including single-choice, open-ended, and multiple-choice, this feature serves as a reliable assessment tool throughout your course. Seeking an accurate evaluation of your skills before tests? Syntea offers real-time feedback, ensuring continuous progress tracking.

    Experience Tomorrow’s Education Today

    The American Hotel Academy invites you to explore the IU’s AI tutor, Syntea. Embrace the fusion of cutting-edge technology and human guidance, shaping a comprehensive and adaptable learning experience. It’s a journey toward academic excellence and professional readiness, navigating the intersection of innovation and traditional teaching methodologies.

    Join us as we redefine education through the visionary collaboration between the American Hotel Academy and IU’s Syntea — an integration of technological innovation and pedagogical excellence.


    Experience Syntea firsthand

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    What is an AI tutor?

    An AI tutor is an advanced tool, akin to a human tutor, utilizing artificial intelligence to offer tailored lesson plans, feedback, and support to students. It accesses vast information sources like the internet or specific course materials, in the case of Syntea, to engage in conversations and enhance the learning process.

    Can AI tools like AI tutors replace human teachers in education?

    While AI tools like AI tutors offer invaluable support and personalized learning experiences, they are designed to complement, not replace, human teachers. These tools enhance the learning process, providing additional resources, personalized guidance, and accessibility. However, the human touch in teaching remains essential for emotional support, nuanced understanding, and mentorship, ensuring a holistic educational experience.

    How will AI help me in my studies?

    AI in education serves to democratize learning, offering tailored support at an affordable cost. AI tutors, along with other tools, cater to individual student needs, aiding in exam prep, math instruction, and overall academic support. They empower educators with versatile options to assist any student requiring extra help. Regular utilization of AI tutors can effectively address various educational challenges, revolutionizing the learning landscape for better accessibility and support.

    How frequently should students use AI tutors to benefit from their support?

    Regular use of AI tutors significantly enhances the learning process. It’s recommended that students utilize AI tutors consistently, integrating them into their study routines. By using these tools regularly, students can access tailored support, track their progress, and effectively address educational challenges, ensuring a more comprehensive learning experience.

    Syntea: Beyond the AI Tutor

    Consider Syntea as more than a mere study aid. Beyond its exceptional AI tutoring capabilities, Syntea has been crafted to completely revolutionize your study approach and professional journey. Its purpose extends beyond enhancing your studies; it’s created to reshape how you learn and adapt in a rapidly evolving landscape.

    From day one of your studies, Syntea exposes you to working with AI tools, empowering you to grasp their functionalities and constraints, integrating them seamlessly into your daily routine. As a university committed to equipping graduates with optimal prospects in the job market, we firmly believe in imparting a robust AI-centered education, irrespective of your chosen study program. This is essential to ensure your readiness for the future, equipped with the precise skills, knowledge, and adaptive mindset.