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    External Transfers

    AMERICAN HOTEL ACADEMY provides the opportunity for students enrolled in postsecondary hotel management schools or universities in a 2-year diploma program or 3-year bachelor program in Tourism Hospitality Management or related, to transfer to the study program it delivers in Brasov.
    Applicants are kindly asked to go through the transfer credit policy listed below:

    The student must submit an application for equivalence accompanied by all the supporting documents according to the procedure for transferring credits at least 15 days before the beginning of the semester in which the student applies to enrol.

    Upon the student’s request, the credits for a discipline can be equated with credits obtained in a subject with similar content with a passing grade.

    The school does not accept course credits obtained online or long distance learning, other than those held by American Hotel Academy.

    Students can transfer credits obtained in a higher education institution that has a 3-year study program or from postsecondary hotel management schools with diploma program of at least 2 years.

    The credits obtained by students in international programs will be equated according to the procedure in compliance with the curricula of the institutions involved.

    The credits obtained after equivalence are considered in the semester in which the discipline is listed in the course syllabus.

    The Admission Committee, established at the beginning of each academic year, is entitled to decide on the equivalence of credits obtained by students in other institutions. The Committee’s decision is final.

    The marks obtained are equivalent to the grading system used by American Hotel Academy.

    Due to their high practical content, these courses may not be equated with other courses delivered in Romanian universities:
    ⦁ Front Office Management
    ⦁ Gastronomy & Culinary Arts
    ⦁ Food & Beverage Service Management
    ⦁ Hospitality Facilities Management & Design
    ⦁ Hospitality Software
    ⦁ Career Development

    Subject to equivalence are the first two years of the undergraduate program. Due to the specifics of the curriculum, no third year course will be taken into consideration for equivalence.

    Any transfer of credits is conditioned by the level of English knowledge (intermediate – higher level).