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    An Inspiring Start: American Hotel Academy’s Opening Ceremony 2023

    Welcoming the Future of Hospitality with Open Hearts

    The American Hotel Academy (AHA) ushered in a new era of hospitality education with a splendid opening ceremony for the 2023-2024 academic year. The event was a vibrant celebration, bringing together first-year students, their proud parents, esteemed guests, and the entire AHA community.

    Welcoming First-Year Students and Their Parents

    The excitement was palpable as we welcomed our talented and enthusiastic first-year students, and their equally thrilled parents. For many, this marked the beginning of a lifelong journey in the hospitality industry. AHA recognized the importance of this moment and made it truly special.

    A Gift for Every First-Year Student

    As a gesture of warmth and encouragement, every first-year student was presented with a meaningful gift. These tokens served as symbols of our commitment to their growth and success. The gifts were more than physical objects; they embodied the unwavering support of the AHA family.


    Words of Wisdom from the Academic Director

    The Academic Director, Ada Țerea, took the stage to inspire and guide the first- year students. Her speech emphasized the importance of dedication, perseverance, and the pursuit of excellence. It set the tone for a year brimming with promise and opportunity.

    Călin Ile’s Empowering Speech

    A highlight of the day was the speech held by Calin Ile, the Honorary President of FIHR. His words resonated deeply with the audience, instilling a sense of purpose and determination in the hearts of the new students. He shared insights from his illustrious career in the hospitality industry and stressed the significance of innovation and adaptability in this ever-evolving field.


    A Master Student’s Perspective

    The ceremony took a personal turn as a master’s student, Maria Clara Pop, who had already journeyed through AHA’s rigorous program of internships, courses and exams shared her experiences. Her speech was a testament to the transformational power of AHA’s education, highlighting the growth and knowledge gained during her time here as a BA student. It was a heartening reminder to the newcomers of the incredible journey that awaited them.

    The Pineapple Tradition: The Symbol of Hospitality

    AHA’s tradition of passing on a pineapple from the best second-year student to the best first-year student added a touch of charm to the ceremony. The pineapple, a universal symbol of hospitality, represented the sharing of knowledge and the welcoming spirit that defines AHA’s community.


    Thank You to All Who Joined Us

    We are extremely grateful that so many people joined our Opening Ceremony and we would like to thank everyone who graced the occasion. It was a moment of unity and togetherness, reinforcing the bonds that make AHA a truly exceptional place for hospitality education.

    The 2023 Opening Ceremony was a remarkable beginning to a year filled with promise and potential. As the new students embark on their educational journey, they carry with them not just knowledge, but the values of hospitality, community, and excellence that define AHA. It’s a journey that promises to be as sweet and refreshing as a perfectly ripe pineapple.

    Article written by the AHA Marketing department. ❤️

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