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    What is the Apprenticeship Program?

    Our new apprenticeship program has been created to allow students to access quality education and jobs at the same time, with their studies being almost completely covered by one of our industry partners.
    Apprentices learn while working a part-time job during the semesters and having a full-time job throughout the rest of the year.
    After your admission, we have prepared a selection of Romanian and international partners who are ready to give you a job from the first day of your studies!

    Earn while you learn

    You can now fund your studies by proving your passion! Learn, work and grow within a company, and be rewarded for your efforts and loyalty with their sponsorship during all your academic years.

    Student profile

    Here's what we're looking for in a candidate:

    Passionate about the industry in which they wish to work & study

    Interested in the activities which are specific to the industry

    Works with pleasure in the job that they choose

    It is difficult or impossible for them to afford their studies

    These traits and characteristics will be evaluated during the Pre-selection (School selection) and Selection (Company selection) stages both by the school and the company. Read more info about this in the 'How do you apply?' section below.

    Benefits & responsibilities

    What are the benefits of joining the program?

    You earn while you learn

    Not only are most of the tuition costs paid for by the company that sponsors you, but you will also have a salary at all times, while working for them, achieving financial independence early on.

    Superior education

    Work towards the completion of BA level studies and a quality international diploma, while developing skills employers want and need

    Increased employability

    You will have a job from day 1, all throughout the program, and after you graduate. Not only this, but you will learn, grow, gain experience, and work towards your future goals.

    What are your responsibilities?


    We expect you to perform admirably while working with your sponsor and exceed at work-related evaluations .

    Academic performance

    We expect exemplary results and behaviour during your academic years as well - no retakes, under any circumstances, and an outstanding attendance.


    We expect you to take this engagement seriously, as a 3-years commitment and with a responsible attitude. Once you engage in the program we highly advise you to continue and finish it successfully. Any breach of contract can result in the end of your program and return of investment for the company.

    How do you apply?

    The application process has 4 steps:


    You apply for the Apprenticeship Program by sending an application email to the school. The email should contain your CV and a motivational letter to support your application and explain why you want to join the program.


    Two interviews take place at the academy between you and the school's representatives (regular admission interview + English test and the Apprenticeship interview). During these, the main requirements are being analysed and it is decided, from our standpoint, if you are eligible or not for the program.

    Company interview

    You will then have an interview, followed by and an aptitudes and personality test with the Company. If successful, you will proceed with the signing of contracts. If the outcome is negative, the candidate is, unfortunately, rejected from the program.

    Contract signing

    Lastly, together with the company and the school, you will sign the tuition contract. At the same time, you will also sign the work contract between you and the company.

    Need more info?

    For more info on how to apply to the program or to see if you are eligible, reach out to us at:

    Mrs. Ana Leah

    Career Office Manager

    (+40) 751 805 903