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    Discover Brasov
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    Welcome to Brasov! Situated in the heart of Romania, Transylvania is a region that has successfully preserved the European charm of 200 years ago. No matter if you are Romanian or an international student, Brasov is the place for you - where the modern of the present days and the history of the past times combine.
    If you have already decided you want to continue your educational journey in Brasov or are still considering your choices, we are here to help you learn more about our beloved city! With the help of our students, we have managed to put together a list of the best places to visit, most favorite restaurants to eat and best activities to do in Brasov and in the surrounding areas. Take a look and see for yourself what Brasov has to offer you!

    Discover Brasov!


    What to visit

    If you are not from Brasov, here are some of our students’ favourite attractions in the county

    Natural attractions

    Take pictures with some of the most beautiful views in Romania:

    Historical Attractions

    Visit some of the most unique and authentic Romanian historical attractions:

    Where to eat

    Here are some culinary recommendations from our students:

    What activities to do

    From outdoor to indoor activities, here are our students’ recommendations:
    Brasov’s local transportation network has around 50 bus and trolleybus lines. There is also a regular bus line serving Poiana Brașov. All are operated by RAT Brasov. 
    The schedules are displayed in each bus station, but you can also find them online here.
    Monday – Friday  5:30-23:30 | Holidays & Weekends  6:30-22:30
    • one ticket (two travels) is 5 lei; 
    • one day pass is 12 lei; 
    • a ticket to the ski resort Poiana Brasov is 6 lei;
    • a monthly subscription is 85 lei.
    Tickets can be bought at every ticket booth or ticket machine in stations or online using the 24Pay app from your phone. The ticket must be validated when entering the bus and it will be valid for another 50 minutes on any bus line in the city, except line 20 (which goes to Poiana Brasov).
    The fine is minimum 60 lei (equiv. 24 individual tickets) so stay safe and buy a ticket.

    Surrounding areas

    Take a trip to Romania’s most beautiful raw sceneries around Brasov:

    Discover Romania

    Find out what other marvelous mysteries Romania hides that you shouldn't miss.