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2021 MSc Field Trip – Black Sea Getaway

What is the MSc Business Field Trip?


It’s an annual European business trip meant to showcase the real working environment of top hotels and observe the knowledge gained during courses being implemented.


Black Sea Getaway


Of all the programs at the Brasov campus, the MSc in Hospitality and Tourism Business Management might have been the most affected. 2020 was a wild ride and even 2021 has sprung some surprises, with another 6 months left for anything to happen.


Thanks to this uncertainty combined with the nature of the Master’s program, the shift to online classes felt like a no-brainer.


Most of our students are already working either in the hospitality or other sector, which means that classes during the workweek are impossible. This is the reason behind the weekend schedule, where usually students come to Brasov for the classes.


Enter the online format, which allowed students to stay safely at home and attend their classes via Zoom. One thing was missing though. The thing that couldn’t be held online.


The annual MSc Business Field Trip.


With the current restrictions in place, the only possibility for the business field trip to happen was in Romania. With vaccination offering safety and the governmental restrictions easing, travel and lodging were deemed safe. Being summer already, the Black Sea seemed like a natural choice. The 2021 MSc Business Field Trip a.k.a. The Black Sea Getaway was ready for take-off.


Just like last time the purpose of the Business Field Trip is to present students with variations of business and management styles for different types of hospitality units.

This was also the first time the class of 2021 got to meet in person. The selection of hospitality units on the Black Sea for this edition was:

  • Trailer Camping Navodari
  • White Tower Aparthotel Mamaia Nord
  • Phoenicia Holiday Resort Mamaia
  • Ana Hotel Eforie Nord
  • Camping Sandalandala Vama Veche.


Our students were welcomed in each location, where they got to see the facilities, learn about the management approaches, and understand the business ideas and concepts.


This was also a networking opportunity and a casual, relaxing time to unwind and recharge from their studies.


The trip took place between 04-07 July. Our students together with 2 staff members stayed at the White Tower Aparthotel Mamaia Nord.


Here’s the schedule for the whole trip.


MSc Business Field Trip Schedule


July 4, day 1

Arrival in Mamaia. Check-in and relaxation, followed by dinner.


July 5, Day 2

Presentation at the White Tower Aparthotel, followed by Phoenicia Holiday Resort. Lunch break. Next up: Trailer Camping Navodari. Finally, loads of free time.


July 6, Day 3

Travel to Vama Veche.

Pit stop at Ana Hotel Eforie Nord

Once arrived in Vama Veche, presentation of Sandalandala Camping as an alternative form of business. Free time in Vama Veche with the return trip to Mamaia in the evening.


July 7, Day 4

Breakfast, check-out, and the long road home.

The eventful itinerary made the 3 days pass too fast, with a lot of information, networking, fun, and great people. The networking also helped our students explore career opportunities at each visited hospitality unit.


Was the Trip a Success?


Meant to be an international field trip to a destination city where hospitality units, their business models, ideas and philosophies could be explored, we would forgive anyone for thinking this was a washed down version.


But this couldn’t be farther from the truth, as the beach destination was a first (and certainly not last), and it showcased a variety of business and management styles while offering insights into different approaches. Our students had the opportunity to see some of the things they learned in class be applied at these properties, and perhaps even walk away with a few ideas of their own.


The summer scorches on, and so must our students with their dissertations. We hope this trip offered the information, opportunities, or break they needed in order to stay focused and soldier through their projects. We know it’s tough. Keep pushing.


Check out some of the photos taken during the trip.

We would like to thank the following people and American Hotel Academy alumni for their hospitality:


Alina Petrea – Phoenicia Holiday Resort, Operations Manager

Doinita Huzum – Sales Manager, Ana Hotels Europa

Livia Vasea – Hotel Manager, White Tower, Mamaia

Florentina Goane – Trailer camping Navodari

Eduard – Camping Sandalandala Vama Veche