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    This programme is a dynamic and industry-relevant academic journey, that equips students with the cutting-edge skills and knowledge demanded by the rapidly evolving events industry. Rooted in both theory and practical application, our curriculum covers event planning, execution, and evaluation, alongside modules focusing on sponsorship, risk and crisis management.

    Through strategic partnerships with industry leaders, our graduates gain an invaluable professional network that will support their rapid development in the industry, thus emerging as agile, competent, and immediately employable assets in the vibrant world of events management.

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    Who is the programme for?

    The programme can be accessed, provided they meet the eligibility criteria, by recent college graduates and by working professionals. If you are looking to grow professionally, boost your career in one of the world's most profitable industries with our master’s programme.

    Recent Graduates

    Recent Level 6 graduates with a business or hospitality undergraduate degree (Honours) or a Level 6 Professional Diploma.

    Working Professionals

    Industry professionals or entrepreneurs who have experience in events, hospitality, or related sectors looking to enhance their knowledge to gain access to higher employment positions or start / grow their own businesses.

    Main Highlights

    2 Stackable Professional & Academic Certifications

    100% Distance Learning (asynchronous and synchronous)

    Customized Industry Placements

    Mentoring Scheme and Industry Professional Networking

    Taught in English

    International Lecturers

    Programme Structure

    The Programme is comprised of a core 8-month Postgraduate Executive Diploma delivered in an online format and an online Top Up Entrepreneurial Action (Major Project).

    Each taught unit is delivered over 4 consecutive weeks, having 2 teaching sessions of 4-5 hours each, over each Saturday and Sunday. Except for Strategic Management which will run for 8 months, having several components.

    The Strategic Management unit will include a mentoring scheme and a programme exit interview with a panel of faculty and industry professionals.

    Level 7 Postgraduate Diploma
    Course Title Course Code UK CreditDelivery Month
    The Events Industry Y/617/5951 15October
    Personal Development for Leadership and Strategic Management in Events D/617/5952 15November-June
    Strategic Planning of Events D/617/5949 15December
    Risk, Crisis and Strategic Change Management in Events A/617/5957 15January
    Finance for Strategic Events Managers R/617/5950 15February
    International Events Business EnvironmentJ/617/595915March
    Strategic Marketing for Events K/617/5954 15April
    Strategic Human Resource Management in Events Organisations H/617/595315May

    The credits for all of these units amount to a total of 120 credits.

    MBA Top Up
    Course Title UK CreditDelivery Month
    Entrepreneurial Action (Major Project) 60September - December

    How you will learn

    The Level 7 is a 120 credit, 480 Guided Learning Hours (1200 TQT) programme comprised of 8 professionally oriented courses. More than 140 hours are dedicated to activities facilitating students’ engagement with the events industry.
    The top-up pathway is a 60-credit research unit.
    Course Delivery & Evaluation
    Our programme structure offers a unique approach to learning. Courses are sequentially designed to ensure full immersion, with each course spanning a month. This focused timeline enables students to understand in depth details about the subject matter. Throughout the week, students should dedicate 10 to 20 hours to participate in live sessions and engage in self-directed study.
    Delivered through online live sessions, our eight courses are supplemented with comprehensive materials and activities available on our Virtual Learning Environment – AHA Classter. You'll have the opportunity to explore subject-specific case studies, presentations, and examples, among other interactive learning methods, throughout each course.
    The mandatory mentoring sessions and the activities from Event LYNK will expand your career community and hands on events knowledge.
    All assessments take the form of projects, encouraging business skill development, with evaluation conducted by industry experts or informed by insights from the events industry.
    Description of Each Unit

    This course offers a comprehensive understanding of the international events industry, covering its nature, scale, and structure. Students will explore the vast scope and economic significance of the industry on both national and global scales, examining its various segments such as conferences, exhibitions, festivals, and sporting events. They will delve into the intersection of events and tourism, understanding the strategic planning involved and the benefits for attendees and local communities. Additionally, students will learn about current issues and trends shaping the industry, including safety concerns, technological advancements, and sustainability initiatives. Through case studies and discussions, students will gain insights into different event typologies, perspectives, and the impacts events have on political, economic, socio-cultural, and environmental aspects, empowering them to navigate the complexities of the dynamic events landscape.

    Course Code



    UK Credit



    This course provides a comprehensive exploration of leadership and strategic management in the context of events organizations. Students will delve into the meaning and interrelationship of vision and strategy, understanding their role across private, public, and third sectors. They will acquire essential knowledge and skills required for effective leadership, including visioning, communication, and team development. Additionally, students will learn approaches to developing and communicating organizational vision and strategy, considering factors such as organizational history, culture, and stakeholder engagement. Through personal development planning and reflection, students will cultivate their leadership capabilities, contributing to both personal growth and organizational success.

    Course Code



    UK Credit



    This course delves into the essential elements of developing organizational strategy for events organizations. Students will explore foundational concepts such as organizational vision, mission, and business plans, understanding their interface and differences. They will analyze core organizational values, including ethical and environmental considerations, and examine drivers such as business growth and meeting social objectives. Additionally, students will gain insights into the external environment affecting event organizations, considering factors like stakeholder needs, competitor dynamics, and market trends. Through hands-on exercises and strategic planning techniques, students will learn to review existing strategies, develop strategic options, and create comprehensive strategic plans aligned with business objectives.

    Course Code



    UK Credit



    Course Code



    UK Credit



    This course offers a comprehensive exploration of the significance of financial data in formulating and executing organizational strategy within events organizations. Students will delve into various sources of financial information, including internal accounting systems and external sources like suppliers and public sector accounting. They will analyze key financial metrics such as profitability, budgeting, and cash flow, understanding their implications for assessing finance requirements, bidding for grants, and managing risks. Furthermore, students will learn to analyze published accounts, conduct comparative and ratio analysis, and evaluate proposals for strategic decisions on capital expenditure, empowering them to make informed financial decisions crucial for organizational success.

    Course Code



    UK Credit



    This course offers comprehensive insights into organizing fundraising events, emphasizing decision-making factors and event scoping techniques. Students will learn to assess when fundraising events are appropriate, considering factors such as target audience, cost, and desired outcomes. They will explore scoping methods, setting objectives, and evaluating event success, covering financial and non-financial measures. Additionally, students will understand the principles of securing event sponsorship, including benefits, challenges, and value exchange. Through practical exercises, students will develop sponsorship proposals and learn relationship management strategies, ensuring effective communication and mutual benefit between event organizers and sponsors. Upon completion, students will be equipped to orchestrate successful fundraising events and manage sponsor relationships adeptly.

    Course Code



    UK Credit



    This course offers a comprehensive understanding of strategic marketing principles tailored to events-related organizations. Students will delve into the role of marketing strategy, its alignment with corporate strategy, and its contribution to achieving organizational aims and competitive advantage. They will learn to conduct strategic marketing analysis, covering internal and external environmental factors and their integration. Understanding events customer behavior and psychology is emphasized, including marketing research methodologies and customer relationship management. Through practical exercises, students will develop and implement marketing plans, focusing on strategy formulation, implementation, monitoring, and contingency planning. By the end of the course, students will be equipped to create effective marketing strategies aligned with organizational objectives and market dynamics.

    Course Code



    UK Credit



    This course provides a comprehensive understanding of human resource management strategies within events-related organizations. Students will explore factors influencing HR strategies, including organizational structure, culture, and government legislation. They will learn how strategic HRM contributes to organizational goals, covering HRM models, functions, and planning techniques. Through case studies and discussions, students will gain insights into preparing HRM strategies, considering factors such as government policies, organizational situations, and potential barriers to implementation. Additionally, students will examine leadership behavior theory and practice, organizational structure, and culture’s impact on organizational effectiveness. Furthermore, students will explore motivation techniques and change management processes to enhance employee efficiency and effectiveness within events-related organizations.

    Course Code



    UK Credit



    The credits for all of these units amount to a total of 120 credits.

    How will the Major Project Take Place
    The Entrepreneurial Action (Major Project) will allow you to undertake a project focused on understanding and supporting entrepreneurial action in practice. This is to be undertaken on an individual basis and could be an applied/engaged research project – for instance, an enterprise consultancy project which addresses an opportunity or challenge faced by an entrepreneurial organisation or researching and developing a new business proposition or idea.

    Connectivity & Employability

    The Mentoring Scheme

    Students will get a chance to enhance their employability skills and start to build their professional networks, as mentors pass on their knowledge, expertise, and experience to support students’ career paths. The scheme matches each student with a suitable mentor, giving them the opportunity to meet at a minimum of 4 times in a span of 5 months (Jan-May). More information about the scheme will be available soon.

    Event LYNK

    Is an umbrella under which various sessions will be organized, having as main aim the interaction with the industry on various topics of interest and the development of the students’ professional network.
    Activities may include online industry networking events, industry guest lectures, podcasts, industry progress tutorials and webinars, academic tutorials, fieldtrips, online industry conference attendance, industry peer meetings. Duration of each activity will vary depending on the type. More information about this service will be available soon.

    Customized Placements

    Work experience is optional, and open throughout the duration of the programme. Students who do require the customized placement service must be aware that placement opportunities will differ based on each candidate’s educational background and professional experience:

    For students with relevant experience

    Employment in Senior / Supervisory / Professional Roles

    Management Trainee Programs

    12m Advanced Training in U.S.

    For students with less relevant experience

    5m Internship in Events

    Project Based Roles

    12m Internship in U.S.

    Locations: EU, U.S., Asia.
    Sectors: Hotels & Resorts, Event Management Companies, Entertainment.
    For more information about this service and for a personal evaluation of your career stage, please contact a Career Department representative.


    The stackable certification system allows students to be certified as they progress through the curriculum. Therefore, if they don’t complete the entire program, they still receive professional certifications that can be of use for immediate employment or for completing their studies later on.

    On Successful Completion of Level 7

    Level 7 Extended Diploma in Events Management

    awarded by ATHE


    On Successful Completion of Top-Up Level

    Master of Business Administration

    awarded by Anglia Ruskin University

    Fees & Funding


    This programme's tuition is comprised of Level 7 Postgraduate Diploma plus the MBA Top – Up as follows:

    Level 7 Postgraduate Diploma

    12 monthly instalments of
    €308 each

    Tuition rate valid for September 2024 intake


    MBA Top - Up

    3 bimonthly * instalments of
    £1,300 each

    * Once every two months.
    Tuition rate valid for September 2024, January 2025 and May 2025 Top – Up intakes.

    Lower payments for the first twelve months allow students to easily access the programme and give them time to save and prepare for the more costly end part of the program, the ‘top-up’ level.
    The MBA Top – Up has three intakes per year (Jan, May, Sep) so students can start whenever they feel ready.
    Tuition includes:

    Schooling. Orientation session. Course materials in electronic format. Academic assistance. Research mentor. Industry guest lecturers. Mentoring Scheme, Event Lynk access. Career services. Unlimited access to the library. Academic documents. Graduation Ceremony.

    Tuition does not include:

    Accommodation. International / domestic travel. Immigration-related issues. Any other related expenses.

    Discount Policy

    Postgraduate Diploma Full Payment Discount


    Applies to students who choose to prepay in whole the Postgraduate Diploma part of the program, until August 1st.

    Referral Program


    A discount of 250€ to the tuition fee will be granted to the American Hotel Academy student who refers our academy to their friends/ family/ colleagues.

    1. The discount is only received by the student who refers, not the one who is referred.

    2. The discount is earned when the candidate who was referred enters their 2nd academic year.

    3. The referred candidate must NOT be in our database already.

    4. You can be rewarded for up to 3 referrals per year.

    Employer Billing Plan

    This plan is for you if:

    • You are the employee of a company that wants to contribute to your personal development plan.
    • Your employer contracts the tuition fee.

    Who is eligible?

    • All undergraduate or postgraduate candidates (both EU and non-EU nationals).
    • Professionals for whom employers want to invest in their personal development.

    Benefits for both:

    • The student will have access to higher education at lower costs.
    • The employer can increase the company’s productivity by investing in its employees’ training.
    • The employer can deduct the costs with the training of its employees.

    How does it work?

    When you fill out your application form, check the Employer billing plan box. In case you are accepted, you will be contacted by the Admissions Office to conclude the forms.

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    Entry Requirements

    We are seeking enthusiastic candidates, who would like to attend an international business management programme with focus on events, who are proficient in English and who have a real potential for a successful future career in this industry.
    We appreciate candidates who are creative and skill oriented, as well as those who love being organized or leaders, who are pragmatic, entrepreneur-minded and energetic.
    Academic Background

    Students must hold:

    1. A bachelor’s degree in hospitality, tourism or a business management-related subject from a recognised university, or
    2. Other recognised relevant qualification at Level 6, or
    3. Any bachelor’s degree plus a minimum of 5 years of evidenced work experience at managerial level within the hospitality or tourism industries.
    English Requirements

    All students without English as a first language must hold at least IELTS 6 or equivalent. We also present the option of taking the Duolingo English Test, which requires a minimum score of 105 points.


    All candidates undergo an interview assessing suitability for the programme and a personal SWOT analysis1.

    1 AHA graduates with either a Level 6 CTH qualification or a BA (Hons) in Hospitality or Business are exempt from the interview and the English requirements.


    Alina Borș

    Admissions Counsellor

    Need assistance?

    If you have questions regarding the application procedure, our educational offerings, or any other concerns, don’t hesitate to ask for support.

    Our team is ready to help you from Monday to Friday, between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm.


    How to Apply

    You can apply for this programme through our online application portal. We recommend you review the admission steps before you make your application.

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