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    It's always hard to pick a career path. More and more people are considering a hospitality career thinking that they can travel the world, work in any country they have ever dreamed of, live amazing lifestyles - which is all true, but hospitality, like any other industry, comes with challenges to match the benefits. If it were easy, everyone would succeed, right? Let's see if this is the right choice for YOU.

    Test your limits

    Do you want to become a renowned manager or CEO for a hotel or restaurant, a hospitality worker living their dream on an airline or on a cruise ship, a succesful entrepreneur or even a big hospitality influencer? You could become any of them, and so much more. Your career starts here!

    What are the most valued skills in the industry?

    By being in such a dynamic and diverse field, the most valuable skills for the hospitality industry that you can have and work on are:

    Communication skills


    Teamwork skills

    Cultural awareness

    What are the most valued abilities in the industry?

    Also, the most valuable abilities you can have and develop are:

    Organizational abilities

    Attention to details


    Problem-solving abilities

    If you check any of these boxes already, you are one degree away from being on the most wanted list for employers in the industry. If not, don’t worry - by the time you graduate you would have had plenty of time and opportunities to work on them.

    Start with the basics

    Don’t feel insecure about your knowledge - our curriculum and classes start from the basic concepts and techniques required in this industry!

    Is this the most suitable career for you?

    Everyone believes they could be a hospitality professional, but there is more than meets the eye in this fast and dynamic industry. Do you have what it takes?

    Business focused

    You are great with numbers, you like to do business, to serve customers and you really understand that customer satisfaction is what makes a business successful.

    Organizationally skilled

    You like to plan, organize yourself and others, you are not intimidated by emergencies and you are a troubleshooter.

    Multiculturally oriented

    You want to get acquainted with people of different nationalities and culture and you are willing to learn about them and acknowledge their traditions and their beliefs.

    Interpersonally skilled and customer oriented

    You have a developed perception for those around you and their needs and you know how and when to approach them and when not to intrude.

    A life lover

    You have an outgoing personality, you love life in all its moments, you like being surrounded by people and you think a hotel is a perfect place to create memorable experiences for all its guests.

    Motivated, energetic and passionate

    You are highly motivated to succeed in your career, determined to overcome difficult situations and you definitely bring your passion to work.


    From passion to profession

    Become a respected hospitality professional by improving your people skills to the level where you turn customer experiences into unforgettable memories.

    What should you expect?

    Find out if you have what it takes. Here is the whole, uncensored truth that you will learn to live with:

    Great Things

    Most departments offer opportunities for extra earnings in the form of tips and bonuses.
    The industry is a good choice for future stability and growth.
    No one day is the same - every day you get to meet new people and deal with new situations.
    The industry offers innumerable opportunities to travel and work anywhere in the world.
    You constantly develop your communication skills due to teamwork and working with people.
    You are constantly learning new things with each challenge you encounter.
    Due to the dynamic of the job market, there are always opportunities to find new or better jobs and get promotions based on your performance.


    Depending on your department, position and the company you work for, you might expect to work long hours.
    Work schedules vary across the industry - every company might give you a different schedule and you might work on weekends.
    Working with people and being responsible for products and services might prove stressful.
    Some departments require a fair amount of physical effort - standing, walking, carrying etc.
    Problem customers will exist, who will test your conflict resolution abilities, your patience and ability to handle stress.
    Some locations in the industry function based on seasonality, depending on the location - some of them might function and hire only during summer or winter.
    At some point, you might need to relocate to another country in order to grow in your career, depending on your professional and personal goals.