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You will be placed only in top 5* hotels, in a department of your choice, surrounded by friends and supervised by a mentor. Your parents can even visit you during your internship, with compliments from Atlantica. How awesome is that?
Get guaranteed access to one of the best paid internships in Europe! Our partners at Atlantica Hotels & Resorts, in Greece and Cyprus, are ready to help you apply what you learn in school and guide you every step of the way during your first internship experience.
The duration of the internship is 5 months and the offered salary is 700€/month in positions in the F&B, Culinary, Rooms Devision departments and other. Here are their best offers:
Starting with the 2024 internship season, due to the numerous benefits that our partners at Atlantica offer, these exclusive locations will become the only locations available for our 1st year students, for their first internship.
What’s it like to be an intern at Atlantica Beach Resort in Kos, Greece?

Yasmin’s expectations imagined a different internship story than the one that is currently playing out. That didn’t stop her, as she adjusted on the spot, and is now flourishing in her role as a receptionist intern at Atlantica Beach Resort.

It’s tough but it’s extremely rewarding. Yasmin is proud of herself for what she has managed to do so far. Her attitude is pure hospitality because she finds joy and energy in helping guests out.

AHA students “are willing to work, are focused, they know what they want to become”. Regardless of their path, they are the hospitality leaders of tomorrow.

Coming to you with a different perspective on internships, General Manager of Atlantica Aegean Blue, Alexandros Kanis, shares his thoughts about our students as they experience their first internships at Atlantica Hotels & Resorts.


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