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It’s time to make some memories and start your adventure

Work abroad and experience new and different cultures.

Live on your own and learn how to manage challenges.

Have lots of fun while travelling and visiting new places.


Work. Fun. Adventure.

Make the most of your student years and embark on your first away-from-home adventure! Experience working abroad and face new challenges, be part of a new family, make new friends and have fun while doing so.

What is so special about these 'internships'?

You will improve your skill set and earn money at the same time – gain 16 months of work experience while you are still in school through our international internships!

No more learning book after book of outdated information. Secure your career path by gaining the theoretical and practical knowledge that top employers are looking for.

You will learn new languages or improve your existing knowledge by studying, travelling and working in multicultural environments around the world.

Internships in 2023

There are two main internship sessions that each student needs to complete during their stay at American Hotel Academy. Moreover, there are many placement options for graduates or Master students: internship in the US, management trainee programs and lots of employment opportunities. Apart from these, each student is free to further enhance their working experience if it does not interfere with the study schedule.
See some of our most attractive offers for the 2023 internship season by clicking on the images blow:

1st Internship

Greece & Cyprus

2nd Internship


3rd Placement

Optional, in the U.S.A.


Career office

Add clarity to your path with our Career Coaching services. Our Career Development Office helps both our Bachelor and Master students feel more secure on their level of knowledge by avoiding professional abandonment and providing clear step-by-step instructions to achieve their career goals.
Internships are designed to provide students with a guided introduction to the professional working world. Both Bachelor and Master students are eligible for an internship and can access one by talking to the Career Counsellors in the Career Office or by accessing our online career platform.