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    Online Career Platform
    HOSCO is a hospitality network of 202,000+ members, students and alumni from hospitality schools, professionals in the hospitality industry and 2800+ top companies in the industry worldwide, offering 37,000+ career opportunities worldwide as jobs and internships.

    Online career platform

    Join HOSCO, the largest hospitality employment platform, to stay up to date with the latest jobs in the industry!
    Students use our online career platform to get hired, make connections and keep themselves updated with news from the industry and to continue learning new things. The platform brings together the best talents, schools and employers of the hospitality industry into an innovative online community.

    Log in and start using the platform to:

    • View and apply for internships or job opportunities;
    • Register for events including employer information sessions, presentations and workshops;
    • Sign up for on-campus interviews;
    • Stay up to date with upcoming career fairs (events calendar);
    • Keep up with the latest hospitality news and developments;
    • Find out what hospitality professionals have to say, what tips & trick they share.

    Log in steps:

    • Click here;
    • Click on JOIN US and start the registration process;
    • Start using the platform, improve your profile and connect with employers, colleagues and alumni.
    Find here internships, jobs, make connections and keep learning:


    All the career events and opportunities are posted on the online career platform for all the students and alumni to see and join if interested.