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    International Management

    Study | Undergraduate | BA International Management
    Concept / Intro / Overview

    The global business world needs motivated talent to develop business strategies, drive growth, and enable smooth operations between partners. As part of your degree in International Management, you can gain extensive knowledge in marketing, sales, public relations, accounting, finance and controlling, and HR—and choose your specialisation in the area that speaks to your interests

    We put major emphasis on practical experience and preparing you for an international career. Our professors can guide you with expert industry knowledge and help you find a focus industry that you are passionate about. With English as a language of instruction, you can also improve your skills in the most popular language for business that’s used all over the world

    Who is the programme for?
    This is a long term program, which blends classes taught on campus and online with international internships, and as such, requires a high level of commitment from students. Therefore, those who choose this program should be prepared to make studying their main focus during these four years. Please see below the candidates whom this program is best suited for:

    Recent high-school graduates

    The main audience for this program: being at the beginning of their professional journey, the undergraduate program is the ideal pathway through which students can gradually gain work experience and managerial skills for their future career in the global economy.

    Hospitality Professionals

    Another target audience consists of industry professionals, who have career growth aspirations but lack the management knowledge and skills and the appropriate degree they need to fill managerial positions. For them, the Fully Online mode is recommended and Advanced Standing Entry is possible should they provide records of previous related studies and / or work experience.

    Key components and Main Highlights

    3 study modes (on campus, hybrid, online)  / Co-learning  /  Groups  /  Learning Lounge  /  No Lecturing


    Online campus / Practical content / Numerous specializations / Personal Coach

    Career Focused

    Career Coaching / Industry Placements


    Intl Internships / Study Abroad / Study in English


    Digital Learning Platform / AI Assistant / Online Exams


    Multiple Start Dates / APL


    Low Priced / Monthly Payments

    Programme Structure
    Managers, leaders, decision-makers: companies are always looking for professionals with the expertise to further their growth and success. IU International University of Applied Sciences puts major emphasis on practical experience and prepares you for positions such as these – as well as ensuring you gain an international market outlook.
    Our professors can guide you with expert industry knowledge and help you find a focus industry that you are passionate about. With the various courses offered in the online Bachelor’s degree in International Management, you can choose the skills you're most interested in developing, and set yourself up for success after graduation.
    Semester 1
    Module ECTS
    Academic Integrity and Writing for Business 5
    Business 101 5
    Managerial Economics 5
    Introduction to Academic Work 5
    Principles of Management 5
    Global Corporations and Globalization 5
    Semester 2
    Module ECTS
    Business Mathematics 5
    Organizational Behavior 5
    Management Accounting 5
    Supply Chain Management I 5
    International Marketing 5
    Statistics - Probability and Descriptive Statistics 5
    Semester 3
    Module ECTS
    Change Management 5
    International Contract Management 5
    Intercultural and Ethical Decision-Making 5
    Intercultural Psychology 5
    International Brand Management 5
    Leadership 4.0 5
    Semester 4
    Module ECTS
    Global Sourcing 5
    Intercultural Management 5
    Corporate Finance and Investment 5
    Corporate Communication 5
    Customer Relationship Management 5
    Semester 5
    Module ECTS
    Digital Business Models 5
    Agile Project Management 5
    Conflict Management and Mediation 5
    Seminar: Current Issues in International Management 5
    Electives A 10
    Semester 6
    Module ECTS
    Electives B 10
    Electives C 10
    Bachelor’s Thesis & Colloquium 10
    Elective Overview
    Elective A

    In your 5th semester, you’ll need to choose an elective module, which you can choose from one of the following modules:

    Module ECTS
    Managing People and Fundamentals of Business Psychology 10
    Applied Sales 10
    Online and Social Media Marketing 10
    Business Intelligence 10
    FinTech 10
    Derivatives and Risk Management 10
    International Finance 10
    Big Data and Data Protection 10
    Digital Product Development 10
    IT Service Management 10
    Elective B+C

    In your 6th semester, you’ll need to choose an elective module, which you can choose from one of the following modules:

    Module ECTS
    Managing People and Fundamentals of Business Psychology 10
    Business Intelligence 10
    Online and Social Media Marketing 10
    Applied Sales 10
    Salesforce Platform Management 10
    Salesforce Platform Development 10
    Fundamentals of Operations Research 10
    Introduction to Data Science and Programming with Python 10
    IT Service Management 10
    Big Data and Data Protection 10
    Digital Product Development 10
    Studium Generale* 10
    Internship* 10

    * If you decide to take this elective, you will not qualify for the dual degree at LSBU.

    Career Development & Industry Placements

    Personal and career growth – overview of our career services

    Career Progression PPT: Year 1 – Year 3
    Our help includes:

    Coaching on self-knowledge, professional branding and making a personalized Career Plan. This will help them know themselves better, know where they want to go and do in their future career, build the steps to get there and walk the steps with current employers.

    Personalized support for job application and a customized placement with a company aligned with their Career Plan.

    Ongoing monitoring and feedback to ensure constant career progression.

    Industry placements / (International) Internships

    An internship abroad is a great opportunity to not only develop professional knowledge but also expand your academic and cultural horizons. Travel and professional development are combined to offer students an international experience they're not likely to find at home with internships abroad.
    Business students might be interested in an internship abroad as an opportunity to interact with the global market. You could see international business theories put into practice. An international internship might not only illuminate international business methods, but also influence how you view business at home.
    More info on international internships will be available soon…………………………………. We achieve this by working directly with employers or with recruitment specialists….
    On successful completion of the Top - Up Level (one of the following, according to the top - up pathway chosen by each student):

    Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
    International Management
    180 ECTS

    International University of Applied Sciences

    Language: English


    Accredited in line with German and European standards ZFU 1104519
    180 ECTS – English


    Your degree is Internationally recognised and can easily be transferred to another country

    Fees, Funding and Earnings
    Flexible in monthly instalments so students can work and pay as they go………….Tuition for this programme has been designed to be affordable ………….
    Fully Online Mode Pricing includes:

    Teaching and study materials. Monthly live tutoring and access to recorded tutorials. 24/7 access to the learning digital platform. Individual study coaching. Online exams. Career & personal development services*. Industry placements*.

    * these are not mandatory degree requirements

    Hybrid Mode Pricing includes Fully Online Mode Pricing plus:

    Onsite workshops, conferences, networking events. Onsite hands-on thematic workshops (e.g. Food &Beverage, Culinary Arts, Wine Classes etc). Field trips. Onsite recruitment fairs. Life skills workshops. Onsite co-learning spaces to study and revise for exams. Onsite exam taking facilities during fixed exam dates.

    On Campus Mode Pricing includes Hybrid Mode pricing plus:

    Onsite 3 days/week interactive tutoring and seminars. Onsite guided group study sessions. Onsite thesis support meetings.

    Tuition does NOT include:

    Accommodation. International / domestic travel. Immigration related issues any other related issues.

    Study Loans

    Did you ever think that international education is out of reach? Did the costs and expenses scare you? Probably they did, but it’s no longer the case. What if we told you that you can receive top-quality education, at an international level, as affordable as any other in Romania?

    There are options for you to invest in your education and focus only on what matters: your study experience.

    FINS Student Loans

    FINS is part of EDUCATIVA, the largest organization in Romania delivering educational services and products.

    Main benefits

    ○ You can get up to 25.000 EUR

    ○ Covering of all your educational expenses (tuition fees, accommodation, transportation, medical insurance, etc.)

    ○ Fair evaluation based on your academy application file

    ○ Flexibility – you can adjust the loan depending on a need-basis and it will be offered in monthly installments

    ○ Grace period for the whole duration of your studies and up to 1 year after graduation

    ○ Up to 10 years repayment period

    ○ Interest rates comparable with bank loans but with very flexible conditions: interest between 9% and 11%

    What type and how much income is needed?

    ○ No job, income or co-signer is required to acess this loan

    What if something happens to me or the person that pays the loan?

    ○ In difficult situations, they can temporarily suspend the payment of your loan installments. They will also do their best to help you in other ways so that you can recover as soon as possible.

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    BRD Study Loans

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    Main benefits

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    ○ Benefit from a maximum time of 10 years.

    What type and how much income is needed?

    ○ Any type and amount of income is accepted – salary, pension, royalties, rent income and income from independent activities.
    ○ You can get a larger sum if you can bring the salary of 3 other co-debtors.

    What if something happens to me or the person that pays the loan?

    ○ You are safe throughout the whole period of the loan via a life insurance that protects you and your loved ones in case of unemployment, temporary incapacity of work, complete and permanent paralysis of any nature and death of any nature.
    ○ The contracts are in effect upon signing and for the entire duration of the loan, while the payment is done monthly.


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    To put it in a nutshell, you will receive an education that is vastly superior in quality, free of charge on the spot, with no worries or headaches. Instead, you are granted the golden opportunity of payment after a few years, once your studies are finished and you have secured a job.

    So, if someone were to ask you now about public vs. private educational institutions, knowing that financing is no longer an issue, what would you choose?

    Eligibility Criteria / Entry Requirements
    We are seeking enthusiastic candidates, who would like to attend an international hospitality business management programme, who are proficient in English and who have a real potential for a successful future career in this industry.
    We appreciate candidates who are creative and skill oriented, as well as those who love being organized or leaders, who are pragmatic, entrepreneur-minded and energetic.


    High - School Diploma. The admission process can start before graduating from high - school, but the candidates must have graduated before the commencement of classes with AHA.

    English Level

    We accept the following English language skills certificates: TOEFL (minimum 80 points) * or IELTS (minimum Level 6) * or Duolingo English Test (minimum 95 points) * or Cambridge Certificate (minimum Grade B) *. Candidates with a lower level of English will be required to attend our ESL program. If English is your native language, or you have graduated from an English-speaking school or university then you do not need to prove your English language proficiency. *Proof must not be older than five years.

    Minimum Age

    Students need to be at least 18 years old. The admission process can start before the age of 18, but the candidate must have turned 18 before the commencement of classes.


    How to Apply

    All applications are completed online. Click below to start yours!

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