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    Year I and Year II

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    Program Overview
    Year I and Year II
    Year III
    Who is this program for?
    Year I

    Hospitality Management

    The first year program provides students with an understanding of the Tourism and Hospitality industry and of the key operational functions within the sector.

    At the end of the first part of the program, students will be able to perform the basic tasks of the operational hotel departments, analyse and solve specific customer interaction situations.

    A significant amount of time is allocated for practice sessions in the school’s laboratories, complemented by the work experience students gain during the mandatory (international) internship.

    Year II

    Advanced Hospitality Management

    The second year program is focused on back of the house management, as well as on general management issues.


    At the end of the second part, the students will be able to assess a managerial situation, to analyse it and provide viable solutions. Also, they will be able to identify their career goals and create a professional development plan.

    Year I

    Semester 1

    • Finance in Tourism and Hospitality
    • Customer Service Management in Tourism & Hospitality
    • Rooms Division Operations
    • Food & Beverage Operations Theory & Practical

    Semester 2

    • Global Tourism & Hospitality
    • Rooms Division Supervision Theory & Practical
    • Food & Beverage Supervision Theory & Practical
    Year II

    Semester 1

    • Research Methods (online)
    • Understanding Funding & Finance in Tourism & Hospitality
    • Strategic Marketing in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry (modular)
    • Contemporary Issues in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry

    Semester 2

    • Human Resource Management in Tourism & Hospitality
    • Customer Relationship Management in Tourism & Hospitality
    • Food & Beverage Management
    • Facilities Management in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry
    To graduate with the Diploma – Hotel Director, students are required to meet the following requirements:
    • Complete all 240 credits.
    • Complete one industry placement of at least 850 hours (5 months).
    • Pass the final exam with the commission of external examiners.

    Successful completion of the Hotel Director Diploma and of the second internship, together with proof of English proficiency qualifies students to enter the Degree top-up year, validated by Manchester Metropolitan University.