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The department that offers career counselling is composed of 3 counsellors that support all AEE students in a variety of ways. On this page you can find information about the status of the hospitality industry, internship destinations and measures taken to adapt to the current situation.

We have your back!

Our career counsellors are looking into different internship options so that our students continue developing their skills during the Covid-19 situation.
As the academies switch to a hybrid teaching semester, the office that offers career counselling will adjust the providing of the placement services and career counselling. Our objective is to continue offering the highest level of support to our students.

Hospitality during COVID-19

At the beginning of the pandemic, all hotels closed and postponed the students’ internships until further notice. As the health crisis continues, in the next months, most of the properties have cancelled the internships for the summer of 2020.

Considering the pandemic, the health crisis and the evolution of the international situation determined by the spreading of the corona virus SARS-CoV-2 in over 200 countries, including Romania, we have decided for the academic year 2020 – 2021, the students do not have as a mandatory task the completion of the internship, progression in the next academic year being done without completing an internship.

Continue Developing

However, we keep believing that gaining professional experience is important and the students need to adapt to the current situation, taking advantage of other employment opportunities available in the summer of 2020.

We have created and run the Summer Experience Program to compensate the missing of the 2020 summer internships. Through this program, we have identified other work experiences to help students in the career and we encouraged students to take the opportunity.

The aim of the program is to help the students improve their abilities, self-confidence, to develop and experience something new in 2020.

Continuous Support

Despite the COVID-19 impact over the hospitality industry, we committed to support students in gaining relevant work experience. June 2020 – September 2020 is the time to apply their knowledge and abilities, 3 months minimum, 4 months of experience for their resume to be in a good shape.

The Summer Experience Program offers career counselling services permanently to ensure that the employment opportunities are identified (local hotels, restaurants, bars, as well as call centers and other virtual jobs) to inform / counsell students to match jobs through the online platform – HOSCO.

Presently, students can work in local / national companies, are encouraged and supported to find employment options close to their homes or virtual ones via the Career Office.

Summer Experience Program

Internship options through the Career Office

The existing internship options at the academy’s partners – the initial internship is continued, or they apply for a new one.

Intern positions open at American Hotel Academy

The intern jobs open at AHA for the students during summer: Assistant Registrar, Marketing and Admissions Intern, Intelligence Officer, Marketing Strategist.

Online internships

Internship projects delivered by students to companies, online.

Employment opportunities

(1) Through American Hotel Academy all the employment opportunities that occur on the way are advertised on HOSCO, as soon as they are available. (2) Search and find on locally open channels, other than HOSCO and the Career Office.

Volunteering / community work

Involvement in volunteering.

How will recruitment events change this autumn?

The interaction with the employers will be done virtually, until the lift of the travel ban. This includes career fairs, information sessions of the employers and interviews.

How will the recruitment activity be this fall?

The Career Office will continue organizing all the activities of the employers this fall. The recruitment calendar will be organized in collaboration with the industry partners, as usually, and will be posted on eCampus and on HOSCO at the beginning of the semester, October 2020.

The employers’ interviews that we host (usually referred to as recruitment on eCampus) will be scheduled on HOSCO and offered on virtual platforms by the employers. All the employers’ information sessions will take place, remotely. Students will find details about all these encounters through HOSCO, closer to the date of the event.

Details and dates of the recruitment events will be posted on HOSCO as soon as they are set by the employers. Interested students will enroll in the recruitment event on HOSCO and / or through the Career Office.

Are the career orientation services available, as well as resume review, career portfolio and interview preparation?

The Career Office continues to offer programs and personal coaching services, remotely and onsite, upon scheduling. The counsellors are available both onsite, in the Career Office, as well as online (Zoom, WhatsApp, Skype) or via telephone for a wide range of services of personal and career development.

All the personal development and career workshops will be organized online for all students. The details of the activities will be posted on HOSCO where interested students can enroll.

On eCampus, students will access an electronic Career Kit for career development, personalized for each academy and academic year. Students that need individual support can benefit from this through an appointment at the Career Office. The individual appointments will happen onsite or online, according to the availability of the student.

Can I access career services if I take one year off the academy?

Students that take one year off the academy can benefit from the personal and career development services just like any other student enrolled in the current academic year. Via the online career platform, HOSCO, where all the activities and recruitment events are advertised, including individual coaching with the Career Counsellors.