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    The extraordinary situation generated by the corona virus pandemic significantly impacted the staff and faculty activity at American European Education.
    All staff and faculty will comply with and implement the measures imposed by the authorities and stipulated by law, without exception, with the aim of maintaining the health and safety of the students and avoiding the spreading of the virus.

    Staff activity

    Important information regarding staff activity:

    The Academy will share updated information and guidance with staff as soon as it becomes available.

    For those staff who are required to return to campus to carry out essential activities, we are putting a significant number of measures in place to ensure the safety of those within our building.

    The activity of the faculty will be mainly onsite according to the academic schedule for all the programmes and study years. Meetings will take place mainly online and meetings in the academy will comply with the mandatory measures.

    Faculty and staff support the argument for vaccination, thus fully vaccinated lecturers and staff are the ultimate prerequisite for onsite school reopening.

    The management and the staff’s activity will have a flexible schedule in compliance with the mandatory measures and the number of people simultaneously in the same closed area, in such a way that permanent support services for the academic activity are ensured.

    Staff with caring responsibilities are expected to undertake best endeavours during this period and are advised to raise the challenges they are facing with their manager as soon as they arise so that reasonable adjustments to workload and priorities, working hours, etc. can be discussed and put in place.