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    Because we are concerned about the health and safety of our students and employees, we have adopted a series of preventive measures regarding the development of academic activity from American European Education.

    Sanitary measures

    Here are the sanitary measures to prevent and protect, taken for resuming the activity in the new academic year:

    The movement circuits are placed in order to access and exit the building so that social distancing is created, separating the people who enter form the people who exit. This is done at the beginning of the work program, by an appointed person.

    Graphical display in visible places of the general rules to be followed.

    Epidemiological triage is provided upon entry into the building. The epidemiological triage of the employed staff and students is carried out at the beginning of the program, by a person designated specifically for this purpose. If they notice a temperature above 37.3 C and/or respiratory symptoms and other signs of acute catching diseases, the staff member/ student will not be received in.

    Placing disinfectant dispenser at the entrance of the building and the classrooms entrances. The access in the building and in the classrooms will be done after using the hand disinfectant.

    Teaching material is distributed online.

    The staff member/student with respiratory symptoms and any kind of sign / symptom of catching disease will not come to work/classes and will notify the management of the unit.

    Safety measures

    For teaching theoretical and practical classes, American European Education will ensure the following:

    Physical distancing – minimum distance 1.5 m between 2 people.

    Barrier gestures (wearing masks in closed spaces, using paper tissues in case of sneezing, or coughing or sneeze / cough in the elbow bent).

    The necessary facilities for frequent hand washing with soap and water.

    Hand disinfectant dispensers, to be refilled when needed.

    Cleaning and disinfecting the spaces and equipment with specially authorized substances.

    Informing and communication the prevention measures against COVID 19 infection.