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    Who is ELITE for?

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    Who is ELITE for?
    If you’re driven, an over-achiever and you don’t shy away from a challenge, ELITE might be the perfect path for you. Here is what we’re looking for in a candidate:

    A strong focus on learning and growing 

    A need to feel challenged in order to be engaged

    Understanding that difficulty is needed for growth

    Wanting to build a career that they find meaningful

    Wanting to be part of a community of like-minded individuals

    Being able to motivate themselves through difficulty

    Working hard towards their goals and dreams

    Are open to learn and work directly from a personal mentor

    If you identify with any of the following skills or attributes, it’s a good sign that you might be our next ELITE student:

    Your future is in your hands

    If you feel the need to find yourself, to follow a dream you have or to make a life for yourself that you have always wanted, ELITE can be the perfect answer. It's so much more than just a traditional educational experience . It's a community, it's adventures, it's guidance and mentorship, and help towards the path that you choose.