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    Study | ELITE | Concept
    Who is ELITE for?
    You are about to finish or just graduated from high-school, but you already know that this is just the beginning, not the end. You believe in lifelong learning and want to continue your studies by acquiring a Bachelor degree, while searching for challenging, but rewarding experiences to match your expectations. Sounds like you? Then you are one of us, you are ELITE!
    As the name says, ELITE stands for an exclusive group of outstanding students who are driven, high-performing and are willing to commit, both professionally and academically, to a 3-year journey with us.

    An ELITE opportunity for ELITE students

    The concept behind ELITE is simple. A more challenging journey, for high-performing students, that comes with HUGE benefits and with enhanced career outcomes. Sounds interesting? Then you might just be our next ELITE.
    ELITE is a brand-new concept that offers a whole new educational experience with an improved package, featuring a more challenging academic and professional path and, of course, numerous benefits to match, for students that prove that they are indeed 'the elite'.