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    Who is ELITE for?

    Increase knowledge

    Your future depends on the knowledge you take with you in your career.

    Develop discipline

    Becoming disciplined early in your career is a sure way to achieve your future goals.

    Support growth

    Learning to set yourself up for continuous growth in the future is an invaluable advantage.

    Academic benefits

    Here are the academic benefits you should expect:

    Participation to internal projects within our company

    You will gain experience and develop your skills as a professional by participating in various relevant projects within our company, based on our current projects, in areas such as: marketing, business development, academic.

    You will take part in the LINK project, which involves creating research papers based on market needs, some of which might even be paid. Also, you Bachelor dissertation will be directly linked to a real business in the industry.

    As an ELITE student, your yearly tuition fees will be discounted by 50% from standard prices! Click the title above for more info about the tuition fees.

    Participation to conferences and competitions

    You, along with your colleagues, will have the chance to either participate in an international hospitality competition or attend a business or innovation conference around the world, expanding your network and being amongst other ELITES.

    Student government positions

    As an ELITE student, you will have a guaranteed spot as heads or members of the student government. What's more, the student president will also be elected from the ELITE students, for a 2-3 years mandate.


    Harder. Better. Faster. Stronger.

    For our ELITE students, we have designed more challenges that are adapted for every academic year, which, along with the benefits you receive, bring you closer to your goals and dreams than ever.

    Academic responsibilities

    Here are the academic responsibilities you need to fulfil:

    Academic requirements

    You will have to have: (1) a minimum average grade of 65% each year, (2) a minimum attendance of 70% and (3) no retakes under any circumstances.

    Participation in international competitions / conferences

    You will have to participate in international competitions or conferences alongside your ELITE colleagues.

    Being a student ambassador

    As an ELITE student, you will have to participate in all of our recruitment events - Open Days, Internship & Career, RIUF and even visit some high-schools with our admissions representatives.

    Participation in the student government

    As previously mentioned, as an ELITE student, you can occupy the president or heads positions within the student government. However, your involvment and performance will be taken into consideration for your performance report.

    Participation in internal projects and events

    You have to take part in at least 2 internal projects and events for each academic year.

    During your 3rd (BA) academic year, you will have to participate in the LINK project. Your performance in this project contributes to your yearly performance report.

    Performance standards

    You will be evaluated based on a balance scorecard system. This means that your yearly activities will be planned out beforehand and your performance will be analyzed based on them. This will result in a performance report which contributes to your position within the ELITE group.