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    Program Overview
    Industry Placements
    Who is the program for?

    1st Semester

    During the first semester, students will attend the following courses:
    • Innovative Entrepreneurship in Tourism and Hospitality
    • Project Management for Service Operations
    • International Business Management and Leadership

    This semester takes the students on a journey to understanding an organization’s macro / external environment, focusing on general aspects of management, leadership, entrepreneurship and project management, developing students’ leadership & managerial skills and innovation acumen. Students will add to their business portfolio a business plan (using the Business Model Canvas), an environmental analysis (external or internal) and a project management plan.

    2nd Semester

    During the second semester, students will attend the following courses:
    • International Tourism and Hospitality Marketing Strategies
    • Organisational Behavior Strategies
    • Financial Management

    This semester, courses cover the micro / internal aspects of an organization, looking at organizational behaviour strategies, marketing strategies, and financials, with a hospitality & tourism focus. Following completion of these units, students will add to their portfolio a financial analysis, a market / customer analysis and an organizational HR strategic plan.

    Dissertation Semester

    During the third semester, students will attend the following course:
    • Dissertation

    This semester, all students who will proceed with the independent research project and the writing of the dissertation are supported through allocation of a supervisor who will guide the student through the primary and secondary research process, and the writing up of the dissertation. Moreover, students will have access to literature, online literature and study support, a research hub room where students can work and read in a quiet environment, to additional support, through the online platform or study group meetings organized on campus and guided by the Dissertation coordinator.

    Keep in mind!

    During the academic year, all students should know that:
    • All units have prescribed assessment formats which the students have to complete and pass.
    • One resubmit opportunity is granted within the semester for a unit that has not been successfully completed.
    • Units cannot be carried over to the following semester.

    During the entire academic year, students are expected to actively participate in every class offered for each unit, where the application of theory related to the hospitality and tourism industry is shared and explained. Prior reading will be necessary in preparation for participation in the classroom experience.