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    Who is the program for?

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    Who is the program for?
    The program can be accessed, provided they meet the eligibility criteria, by recent college graduates or young professionals from hospitality or similar business backgrounds. If you are looking to grow professionally, jump-start your career in one of the world's biggest and most profitable industries with our MSc in International Tourism & Hospitality Business Management!

    See below the candidates for whom this program is best suited for:


    Recent bachelor graduates with a business or hospitality undergraduate degree (Honours).


    Young professionals who have experience in hospitality or business, looking to enhance their knowledge about business tourism & hospitality and gain access to higher employment positions.


    Young professionals who are looking to change the industry they are currently working in by expanding their business knowledge with application within the tourism and hospitality industry.

    Many graduates find it difficult to start a career due to lack of work experience and specialized skills. This program is meant to bridge the gap between graduating with a Bachelor’s degree and securing a relevant position in the industry, regardless of your professional background or field of study. Our Master of Science is the right program for you if:

    You have graduated recently and you are having difficulties finding a job because of no work experience or relevant specialized skills.

    You are a young professional having a difficult time trying to become financially independent, so you are looking to gain the needed skills, jumpstart your career and earn!

    You want to make sure the time and money invested in a Master’s Degree will turn out to be be rewarding enough, further down the road.

    You are afraid of failing in your career by ending up in a dead-end job, in a small company, with no opportunities for growth.

    You aren’t sure that you have what it takes in terms of skills, knowledge and language competencies to advance in your career and be recognised as a competent professional in your field.

    You don’t think you are able to complete a Master’s program with your current schedule - balancing your personal life and work hours with a full-time degree.

    Considering you have graduated recently a hospitality undergraduate program, our Master of Science is the right program for you if:

    You want access to international employment.

    You want a complete educational cycle - degree & career.

    You believe you need additional know-how.

    You want to feel more secure on your level of knowledge.


    Reach your potential

    Prove to yourself and to others that you can raise your head above the crowd by following a clear, enjoyable and satisfying path towards a Master’s Degree.